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We're the best place to get your water filtered and analysed

Whether you need a whole-house filter or a simple pitcher, we’ve got you covered. Our experts will help you find the right system for your home and lifestyle.

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Healthy Mineral Water for You & Your Family

We don’t just sell filters, we also evaluate them! We conduct a complete laboratory analysis on every filter we sell, to make sure it’s good enough for your family’s needs.

Water is the most basic necessity of life. But there are many contaminants in it that have adverse effects on our health. It is so important to know how to get pure water for our consumption and environment.

We offer high-quality water filtration systems that meet the National Safety Standards. Our Institute is one of the few certified, EPA-approved systems in UK.

Bottled water delivery is a great way of saving money — having a constant supply means you never have to worry about running out when it’s inconvenient (late at night or when it’s raining). You don’t have to worry about where your water comes from anymore — we’ll deliver bottled water right to your doorstep, with no commitment and free shipping! Never worry about not having any on hand again.

Troubled by water issues? You’re not alone. Roughly 60% of English have dealt with some form of water problem in the past year. Pure Water Institute has been fighting water problems for over 20 years and offers a full range of solutions to meet all your needs. We have a wide range of expertise, including water sourcing, filtration, purification and dehumidifying your home.

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Filter Variants

No water, no life. No blue, no green.

Why Choose Us

We Are Focused On Keeping Your Water Clean

Your water should be clean and pure. Our water filtration systems give you peace of mind and confidence when it comes to the safety of your family and your health. We have now reached a point in history where more than half of the world’s population are living without access to clean water, and some public water supplies contain chemicals and minerals that can be harmful to your health.


Contaminants Elimination

A purifier that lasts a lifetime is worth the investment. The lifespan of our filters is 10 years or more! Just replace the filter cartridge every 6 months or so and keep on drinking pure, clean water without fear of contaminants.


Waterless technology that's easy on the environment

UV-C light is one of the safest ways to purify water because it doesn't use any chemicals or filters that could pollute our earth!

Our Services

What do we concentrate on?

We offer a range of water filter solutions to suit your home or office needs. Whether you’re looking for a refrigerator filter, countertop filter or whole house system, we’ve got you covered.

Changing water filter at home.

Contaminants Removal

Without a doubt, the amounts of contaminants a water filter can remove is essential when deciding on its efficiency and reliability.

Flow Rate

The flow rate represents how much water runs at your tap in a certain amount of time and is measured in gallons per minute.

Filtering Technology

The type of technology used by a certain whole house filter says much about its performance.

Water filter system or osmosis, water-purification

Filter Capacity

It’s also useful to analyze how many gallons of water the filter can handle before requiring a cartridge replacement.


House filtering systems include a UV light that can kill dangerous viruses in the water or a water softener that can solve the hard water issue.

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Ease of Installation

As a whole house system is installed on the main water pipe, it’s important to find the model that doesn’t require too much plumbing.

Client Testimonial

We Are Trusted Over 22+ Countries Worldwide

Our work speaks for itself — customers worldwide trust us because they know our quality is the best. Plus, we’re certified by NSF and WRAS, two of the most prestigious certifications in the industry.

The Pure Water Institute is a great company that's committed to providing people with clean water. They have been doing this for years now and have a track record of success. It's reassuring to know that they know what they're doing and can take care of the job on their own without us having to worry about it.

    Tyrell Hughes
    Tyrell Hughes


    I highly recommend the Pure Water Institute for anyone looking to invest in their future. Whether you are a health conscious individual or just want to make sure you and your family are drinking clean water, it's worth the investment!

      Melisa McKornick
      Melisa McKornick

      Web Designer

      I am happy to have found the Pure Water Institute after months of research. The fact that they specialize in water filters means I don't have to worry about their agents pushing something on me I know will be a waste of money. They offer a range of options and are always willing to work with me to find the best solution for my home, which has been really nice.

        John Rigid
        John Rigid


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        The Pure Water Institute is a worldwide organization that believes that clean drinking water is a human right. We provide astounding products, helpful guides, and educational services to help you get clean drinking water wherever you are in the world.

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        Water. It’s more than just H2O

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        We offer full evaluations of your system so that you know what needs fixed or replaced – without any hidden fees or charges. We want you to have a say in your own future and make sure you’re getting the cleanest water possible.

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